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Ratiofill Forms Manager is available since more than 13 years.

Ratiofill is a free software for filling in forms in the german real estate world. The software is free. You pay only the printed forms.

To use the Forms Manager there has to be installed a full version (licenced version)  of Acrobat 7 or newer.
The Forms Manager is nor working with the free Acrobat Reader versions. For Fast delivery Acrobat full version is available here.

Ratiofill is used by many property managers especially for filling in forms for renting contracts and rent increasing, creating cost statements and more. The famouse forms of Berlin Grundeigentum-Verlag are the basis for thousands of renting contracts and statements sent to tennants since many years.

The calculating forms are full of helpfull programmed features that allow you a fast and secure filling in. Testprints are available for free. Forms can be saved and reused or sent to other Ratiofill users. Network wide form templates and text blocks make your life more easy in a bigger organisation. Forms billing can be centralized to one client account. Quantity discounts on forms apply. Forms can be sotred local or on the Ratiofill server cloud for higher security.

Using Windows 7 and higher PDF outputs can be created instead of printing as far the forms editor allows that function.

Find more at Beschreibung (german language page)

We wish you sucess using Rationfill.

Actual Versions:
2.7.0008 for Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit) - not for Windows 8.1
2.2.11xx for Windows Vista and XP

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